Found a small oblong pill in my daughters room, have 337 on onside and nothing on the other.?

My internet search are seem to be popping up beside birth control web sites and morning after pills. I know the watson 387 is hydrocodone. This simply say 337 on onside and blank on other. please help.

How oodles days does it take for nicotine to obtain out of your system?

Take it to your nearest pharmacy in the morning and show it to them. Sorry,I know that doesn't sustain right now. Maybe you shouldn't rear to conclusions right away,might be something stupid. Good luck.

Is it healthy to crack your own spinal column?

Take it and see what happens.

When i give somebody a lift a vitamin B complex tablet, my urine turns a dark wan. Can anyone tell me why?

take it to the pharmacy and explain to them that ya found it and your not sure what it is and they'll put in the picture ya

My grandmother is really getting on my nerve and she 72 but she yell at me for no reason and it win annoying!

take the pill to your pharmacist. they should be able to identify it for you.

My sister have a lump on her lower's a fair size any one no wat it could be she wont budge to the docs!!

Take the pill to your pharmacy, and ask the pharmacist he should be able to narrate you right away, They also sell books contained by paperback that discribe drugs, you might look for one at your local bookstore, and the hard wager on books may even have pictures of the pills. Hope this help.

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Oh yeah, thats the Ebola pill.....If ya purloin that you turn into a chimpanzee...

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Oh man. Do you have a close relationship next to your daughter? If so, ask her upfront what the pill is. If you can't get an answer out of her, I would bear the pill to your pharmacist. I know that sounds sneaky, but when it comes to the health of your kid, anything that might prevent wound is worth the risk. I honestly wish you the best and of course pray for safety.

I cant sleep!?

this knit may help

Swollen mosquito bite?

I can't find a pill like you described next to markings 337, however, take a worthy look at the pill with your specs and a lot of lighting. Make sure it says 337, not 837, or something similar to this combination. Then go to the urls provided below, and do some of your own research. These are pill identifier sites, type within the markings, and look for your pill. Take it easy on your daughter.

What type of bite/rash is this?

why dont you lately ask your daughter what she's taking? you're her mother arent you?

i cant hear, pls help...?

I hold seen some past its sell-by date brands of Tylenol with similar numbers and nought else on it. It could be just a generic Tylenol. In the imply time please don't get adjectives freaked out. I know it is hard because I am a mom, too. Do you hold a bottle of generic Tylenol in the house. If you do, look at the pills and see if they game. Generic is any store brand or off brand to be exact not made by the Tylenol company. Their pills would have Tylenol printed on them. If you don't own any bottles of generic Tylenol. Can you ask you daughter? If not, then you will enjoy to take it to the pharmacy. If you own a 24 hour pharmacy you could try and call them and explain it to them and they might know how to help. You didn't update us how old your daughter. How prehistoric is she? Good Luck

Pain In Ankle...From Working?

Most posion controls can answer that for you . I would give them a phone. good luck

i own a "pulled-muscle" feeling contained by the back of my leg- could this be a blood clot- how would i know?

go to

go to "imprint search"

type in search fishing rod the series of #'s and/or letters on pill

hit enter

will show info you are looking for.
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