Do you know how to treat a sore support?

i was camp and i rolled out of my sleeping bag and couldent fined it cuz its be pick black so i was sleeping right on rocks. HELP!!

How to treat a severe sunburn minus blisters?

Hi Lauren
the best solution for your back sore is a dutiful sleep.
sleep with your hindmost straight on the bed apply some pain murderer cream or spray
but the most important is clutch rest or your sore will increase continiously

AHHHH! im in pain!! HELP!!?

stretches 3 times a daylight 10 per set
hot shower ,ice pack, massager works great

I just took a sleep aid can i also pilfer a antacid?

Excedrin Back & Body Ache and a heating wad is what I use for my 4 herniated disks.

What is the best over the counter medicine for ace and pains?

There are a few ways you can treat that sore back. Ice pack will help numb the throbbing while heat pack or a heating wipe will help soothe the soreness and reduce the pain you're response. You can also try a topical analgesic like Icy Hot, which "go on icy to dull the pain afterwards heats up to liquefy it away".

If those fail, I'd utter try Tylenol as a very later resort. Of course if those fail you may hold done something a little more drastic to your put money on than you think.
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