Why am I other tired when I sit down?

As long as I am active, I can hang on to going and am fine, but as soon as I sit down, I fall asleep, and cannot control it. I work 40 hours a week at work. My blood pressure is 198/110 and climbing. I hold no other signs or symptoms or sickness or weakness. I own intermittent chest pains that last 10 minutes at a time, but I solitary get them 3 times per week.

Do you get hold of regular massages or reflexology weekly for your condition regimen?

FORGET about shifting your diet right this second.that blood pressure is considered a medical emergency. I'm serious...I've been a licensed practicing RN for 2+ years on a cardiac floor and that's not an pleasing blood pressure, ever. Chest pain is never an okay symptom, even if it just happens 3 times a month. 3 times a week, and your blood pressure is that glorious? Listen to your body, it's trying to tell you something!! Seriously...take to an ER or at LEAST get to your physician ASAP.

GIRLS ONLY. If near were a TV show more or less a former high college cheerleader without legs, would you view it?

that's called L-A-Z-Y! LAZY!!!!

I be just diagnosed beside a bulging disk and disk herniation in the lower lumbar region. What is the cure?

Ask your doctor, please.

You may have something similar to narcolepsy, but you may have soaring blood pressure and/or a heart condition that needs early treatment!!

Is there any job for a person that have a bad spinal column?

That's a little high-ranking for bp, no wonder you is tired!! Better start taking some fish oil (2000Mg's a day) and stop intake all that fatty, pungent, greasy, junk food and start exercising .. do lots of cardio, but start past its sell-by date slow and small we dont want you to have a heart attack.
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