Why does cigarette smoking turn your teeth washed out?

i dont smoke everyday and when i do its usually marlboro menthol lights. by smoking menthol cigarettes will it take longer for my teeth to turn ashen since it has lower tarmacadam and nicotine than other cigarettes?

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Wonder why you smoke? You don't do it everyday, so you voice, so it seems you don't obligation it. You're sucking that gross nicotene and burned tobacco/paper by-products directly into your lungs! All the cells of your chops, mouth, tongue, nasal passages, throat, esophagus, bronchials and transparent lung tissue are being burned and exposed to toxic chemicals. Have you see anyone with fragment of their tongue, throat and neck cut away? I hold. It's disgusting, gross, and terribly fear-provoking for them. They drool, choke, cough, and breathe through a tube in their throat. They probably hold yellow teeth too, but who even looks at the teeth when you're suctioning out their lungs and hoping they don't die on your shift. Give up the smoking...it's the best entity you can do for yourself and those who love you.

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If you smoke cigarettes yellowing of your teeth should be the smallest of your worries.

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Tar and nicotine deposits. Doing the same entry to the inside of your mouth, throat and lungs.

Low tar cigarettes is a moment ago a marketing ploy. Don't smoke. You will be much better off; well again.

I'm hoping that your answer is going to be. "don't worry in the region of it you hypochondriac"!?

The smoke will turn your teeth yellow, regardless of type of cigarette. It is the tars and other stuff contained by the smoke. These have a brown/yellow color - look at the filter after you smoke the cigarette - it is like peas in a pod stuff that gets deposited on your teeth.
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