Wrist hurting after cheerleading or tumbling?

Ok. whenever i go to cheerleading and work on my tumbling skills. my wrist starts to hurt really impossible. and i stretch it reallyl good past i tumble and i stretch it after and during but it still kills.it hurts pretty fruitless. should i make a doctors appointment? or what?

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if the niggle is pretty consistant (meaning it happens everytime you do practice) afterwards yes make an appt to see your dr. you could enjoy strained the ligaments and tendons in your wrist and everytime you go to use them, you're irritating them which is cause the pain. you could hold also sprained it due to overuse.

my 8 year old daughter does cheerleading as very well. last year at academy, she twisted her ankle and ended up beside tendonitis in her ankle. She still have pain on instant when doing her jumps at cheer practice-even near the stretching. the dr has prescribed her naproxin which is a stronger copy of ibuprofen which really helps her alot. Ankle and wrist injuries can help yourself to a while to heal and the meds do give support to so make that appt!!

polite luck to you

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making a doctors appointment would be good.
its probably not broken because you can stil tumble, but it might be sprained or purely sore. it doesnt hurt to go see the doctor. :]

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Well demonstrably is muscle strain try stopping for awhile and rest them!
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