Whats the easiest way to make a contribution yourself a bruise?

how do I give myself a bruise efficiently? Like is there sumthing I can do to bring the bruise out more? Or something smaller quantity painful but really forceful? Thanks x

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I find getting drunk does the trick.

I get drunk, enjoy a great time, and the next morning rouse up inexplicably covered in bruises. God knows what I attain up to.

Oxycontin 40mg?

What a ridiculous question - why would you want to bruise yourself?

How can I catch swelling around the eye to go down?

suck yourself..

Checking blood pressure on the right arm?

god know why you want to do that, but pinch and twist usually does it. when i be taking aspirin i bruised really easily, but i shouldn't really be describing you that

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hit urself

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There is no easy course, it usually hurts when you get a bruise inflicted on you as they are the result of blunt trauma which ruptures surface blood vessel under your skin.
I won't even travel into the reasons why you want a bruise as to be precise way out of my depth.

Can severe eye muscle strain inflict permanent workshy eye, after having reliable aligmnent all go time..?

10 Kg dumbell dropped on your foot! Quick and painless I promise you!

Can Anybody Tell Me About A Weird Feeling In Arm and Wrist?

Well, this is a strange question - why do you want to donate yourself a bruise?

Anyway it depends on the area I estimate. If you bang your boss it bruises like crazy, whereas fleshy areas don't seem to be to. Blunt objects I guess. Drop a brick on your knee.

Kaisorrser hospital prescribed memethadone for twinge and clonipin for sleep this landed me inthe emergency room

What is wrong beside you? Why do you want to give yourself a bruise? When you slump to people to bring back attention, it will come back to you 10 fold.

can you mix naproxin beside other muscle relaxers?

Try sucking the part of the body. Like giving yourself a hickey.

Can a health care provider force a long-suffering into a nursing home?

I can think of a hundred ways of you getting a bruise in assorted senarios, using insulting language to different those in different locations.

I resembling the idea of of sucking onself or have yourself sucked by a good friend.

All depending where on earth you want your bruise to be seen

Help Please .?

Tripping and hitting your leg (or other body part) on the stairs is pretty successful. I get a bruise resembling 90% of the time.

Or you could always put somebody through the mill Chuck Norris. You'll probably get at tiniest a bruise by doing that... :)

What's more painful...?

get your self a vaccuum cleaner and press it on yur skin. the frontage is quite sensitive so im preety sure u will procure a bruise like that.

How bleak is it for you to get smaller quantity then 3 hours of sleep?

Oranges be the favourite channel to give yourself bruises. Put four contained by a stocking and gently batter yourself. It`s a chosen method of faking evidence of a whipping to frame someone.

how do heat pad work?

What do you want to know this for. I suppose the easiest way is to suck yourself really really thorny.You damage blood vessel beneath the skin each time you bruise The just other way would be to bash yourself sturdy against a door or something. I bruise really easily and want I didn't get bruises.

Will they put you within the hospital for an ulcer?

Donate blood, afterwards take aspirin. Good arbitrariness your whole arm will bruise for a time.

Other than beating the crap out of yourself you're not going to bruise, and remember every time you produce minor injury, there's a chance of cause major injury.

I burped and I feel something sharp come up?

you suck on the area that you want bruised...its resembling a hickey

Is it true that if you put a certain sympathetic of tape (hospital tape) on a bruise it will treat faster?

im serious just save punching to ur pain rank u can take. shortly u will carry a bruise.

will I be able to ride my horse again after tibial plateau fracture? I am capably past age 50, feminine?

if you take rime and salt and press it down on your arm, or where on earth ever, you will get a bruise, i ruminate i hurts im not sure and i dont know how long it takes, but i know some girls who use to do it adjectives the time...kinda dumb dont you think?

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hit your face near a fryin pan it may break your muzzle to wat a total waist of time

How much tylenol with codeine is to much?

well if your not stupid, what are you besides an attention hunter then. i bruise at the slightest bump, and it's usually uncomfortable. And you want to self inflict pain, you stipulation a thump just for human being such a tw-t.

How do u get pink eye?

Give yourself a hickey. I did that when I be a kid. It disappears in a couple of days-like I don`t know a business week.

Only one finger swollen in the morning, WHY?

Try running into a door that will do it ????
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