What do the doctors do to fix a broken rib?


I have shoulder strain wich type of treetment i can make?

not a entry

Why do band-aids smell like....band-aids? Why do they enjoy that "unique" smell?

Make a woman out of it?

scaphoid fracture?

They cant fix a broken rib.

Can I get rid of a sunburn faster than merely waiting?

maybe tape it up, wear a springy bandage. not much you can do until it fuses subsidise together.

Has anyone used hypnotherapy to cease smoking? Has it worked?

Nothing.Give you dull pain pills and tell you to rest.

Can I pick up someone else's prescription?

Try to stop it, but that's it

I have have this strange spasm in my eye. How can I win rid of it?

Your ribs need time to make well. There is nothing a doctor can do

What is the fastest approach to take rotten a hickie?

Nothing- you just enjoy to let it make well unfortunately. If it's anywhere somewhere that could be shifted (if the break is bleak enough) they may sling that arm to keep it still so you don't aggrevate it.

Why do I crave saline?

Usually they will bind the chest and tell you to stay within bed as much as possible. If it is too far out of place, they will hold to perform surgery to put it support into place, where you will consequently be stuck in the hospital for a while.

is hydrocodone an opiate?

Nothing as long as your rib have not pucntured your lung. You would know this happened, because you would not know how to breathe. The doctor would put a Ace wrap around your chest and just time will make well it

Pain in abdomen?

Well, I don't focus they can do much. My dad had some broken ribs once and he have to ice them, rob painkiller, and loaf for it to heal. I believe that if they are broken really impossible, like REALLY desperate, you get surgery.

Massage Therapy or Chiropractor?

Unless it is a drastically serious injury (ie can't breathe because of it, internal bleeding) there isn't anything the doctor will do. Just rest it and try not to aggravate the injury.

What did I do to my ankle?

They can't put a style on it or anything. IIt will heal itself but it take a few weeks. They tape it up to lend a hand support it, and then you of late have to be awfully careful for the subsequent few weeks while it heals.

How much affect does a appropriate night sleep hold on your SAt scor?

Nothing really. They just permit it heal on its own. They may prescribe agony killers, but that is to say about it.

i a short time ago stepped on a tetnis shot needle immediately what?

Nothing. Taping them isn't done any more because of the possibility of pneumonia. You wouldn't be taking deep ample breaths if the chest was tape.

Knee mystery?

see a doctor
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