How do you grasp a sliver out of your foot?

I walked through the patio the other day and I stepped on a thorn. The thorn loged into the bottom of my foot and it broke sour about an 1/8 inch in. Its in the bubble of my foot. It really hurts to walk but I enjoy to anyway. Any ideas to get hold of it out of there?

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soak your foot in thaw out water embezzle a needle and twizzers...and jump to town.

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use plunger to move skin around it then draw from splinters and pull!!

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If its broke off to thoughtful that a clean syringe wont get out and near that you work from the botton of the thorn out to the top of the hole to ease it out. In a few days your body works the sliver out itself.

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A needle and some tweezers. You slit the skin a little around it (just by it) and pry somewhat bit up with the nozzle. Then grab the sliver near the tweezers. It hurts.

It would help if you have someone do it for you if you can't reach. After it's out put Hydrogen Peroxide on it. Place bandaid if it's bleeding rather.

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you can dig it out near a needle. or you can try soaking it in reheat water. or you can go and get some tea tree oil and it is supposed to draw out the thorn. also you can check out of it alone and it will fester up and pop out by its self. gross I know but yeah. if you do nothing pretty soon it will draw from all puss jam-packed and pop right out.

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I would sterilize a nozzle by getting it red hot (then cool it) and using that and a tweezer, try digging it out.

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well, it's common sense really. attain a needle, also chafe the area next to your fingers, push it out, use needle cooperatively ( I know it will hurt) wash your foot first, if you have some alcohol you can raining that area do disinfect, etc.

it's a combination for me. I use a plunger, use my fingers to push out the sliver out. with the nozzle i stick it really close to the area and a short time ago try to push it out.

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Have a nice warm hip bath or shower, if you let your foot soak within a warm fluid it'll come out easily.
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