What happen if you can't remove the wasp stinger?


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Do NOT use tweezers, as the pressure from the tweezers presses more bee venom from the stinger into your body. Take your fingernail, or the rear side of a knife, and *scrape* the stinger out of your skin benignly. Apply just ample pressure to get the stinger out, not adequate to scratch or break the skin though.

If this have happened within the last few minutes, and you hold a rubber snake bite kit, put one of the rubber suckers on the bee sting. It will verbs out some of the bee venom and assist reduce swelling.

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If it's in you it's a bee sting not wasp.

Wasp stings come out, bee stings hold a barb on them that mean they stay contained by.

To remove use tweezers at the base of the sting, not the top as that the poison sac is still attached

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Try using toothpaste, this will help to relieve the sting. It must be mash, not gel. The stinger will fall out on its own. Good luck.

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Well...nothing happen. The pain will freshly last for longer. Eventually, the stinger will come out by itself, so no worries!

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I was other told to use a credit card to scrape the stinger out. There should not be a stinger if it be a wasp though. Try using bactine or solarcaine to ease the stinging. Also, a baking soda camouflage works to draw out the venom and relieve the stinging. Just mix ample water into the baking soda to form it stick together, spread on the sting and allow to dry. It will flake off eventually, but it does give a hand tremendously.

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Wasps do not lose their stinger. They continue to sting and they are similar to the Hornet and the Yellow Jacket where they continously stinging. They are not similar to the bee where the bee will lose their stinger and after that they die.
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