My tip of my middle finger is numb, what does that mingy? What is happing to me?


Medical Laws?

It sounds like one of the nerves within your hand/wrist is being compressed. If it is individual affecting the middle finger at this time, then a doctor cannot proffer you much in the approach of treatment. When it gets to the point your thumb is involved, a surgeon may want to relieve the pressure of the nerve(s). You could buy a wrist splint and wear it at dark. I had carpal tunnel syndrome when I worked contained by a clothing factory, this was back doctors even thought about surgery, and wrist splints help out a lot. Now, I type adjectives day long and I wear street light splints (link below) on a daily spring while I type.

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do you have carpo tunnel? Do your hand go numb if you grip things for too long approaching a steering wheel, or do your hand hurt when you type too much?

Health questions?

That happen to me all the time. I get up up in the morning and my pointer and middle fingers are adjectives tingly and numb. Then, there for more or less a week whenever I would squeeze anything tight with my paw I would get a tingle adjectives the way down my wrist. I conjecture I may have the establishment stages of carpel tunnel. You may have it also.

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Bloodflow to your finger tip is artificial. Are there nodes contained by your middle finger? I had that problem beforehand and went to see a chinese physician who explained to me that I hold some nodes in the meridians which is stopping blood flow to my finger tips. He massage and pressed on the nodes (that hurt a llittle) and now my fingers are okay.

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