Is there any agency to make oxycodone on your own? what ingredients are needed? Or is it without a solution?


Broken tailbone?

Are you kidding? That is the first grill that has made me snigger out loud today.

Of course it's unattainable, silly. It wouldn't be a controlled substance and heavily monitored by the DEA if you could make it on your own. Sounds to me that you enjoy a serious drug problem. Better get yourself into rehab previously you do something to get yourself locked up instead.

Good grief.

Does getting popped at the chiropractor hurt?

not solely impossible illegal

What is the business with me?

Why would you want to engineer it on your own when you can buy it if it is needed through prescription?

I got my splint raining. Please help!?

LOL, Sweetie, you've have enough!! And it's taken its toll on you. Why don't you use the rest of your almost eroded brain power to find yourself a virtuous rehab and take thinking of yourself.

Why shouldn't you wake up sleep walker?

This question is drug seeking and addicitive behavior win yourself to a rehab.
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