Sinus Infection and Eyesight?

Quite recently, I've have a sinus infection, which I get usually once a year do to the reality that I don't blow my nose satisfactory, and my sinuses don't drain quite right.

But anyway, over days gone by week, my sinus infection wasn't quite as severe as average, just plentifully of pressure in the sinus cavity just above and below the eyes, which cause a mild sinus headache. Also, it caused me to lose illusion quite significantly contained by my right eye although the pressure was adjectives over. I had figure this was merely the pressure restricting the blood flow to the retina in my right eye.

But in a minute, as the sinus infection has nearly cleared up, my blurred mirage has not. My not here eye is normal, but my right eye have vision which is fairly blurred and spotty similar to how your eyesight is when you first wake up. I also own trouble focusing on words, when I close my left eye and try to read beside my right.

Has this happened to anyone else? And if so what happen?

Sometimes my knees "give out" what could be cause this?

I would suggest seeing your doctor as soon as possible. Blurred vision is nought to fool around with, it could be something next to your brain or you could have reversible vandalize to your eye but there is usually a rigid block of time where weaken is reversible.
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