Ingrown toenail?

I belive that I have an ingrown toenail in my right foot on my big toe. It's super itchy, swollen, red, and hot to the touch. I have be soaking it in warm river with epsom salt which helps relieve some of the infection and pressure for some time, but next it begins to attain worse again. I also have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy here leg so it's causing me to enjoy more pain than most empire would have. I believe the infection is from wearing my hiking boots on a 6 mile wander and they are a little too small (I've gotten rid of them, and am not wearing them anymore) What would be polite?

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If it's not going away from home treatment (it seems similar to you are doing a great job) you may need to progress to your doctor and get on an antibiotic. It's an infection, lately like any other, and if home remedies don't work, and if it's affecting your routine, you want some meds to help clear it up. Good luck!

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Go see your doctor

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Three hallmarks of an infection are spasm, swelling and discoloration. Your case is complicated by your other problem but the short answer is that ingrown toenails across the world occur on the great toe and exhibit the symptoms you've mentioned. There may also be some "oozing" from the margins of the wound. A Podiatrist can help yourself to care of the problem like lightning and provide pain nouns. Don't try to take attention of this yourself.
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